5 Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding

5 Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding

The holidays have come once again and a new year is upon us. Aside from the typical festivities during the holidays, many couples tend to get engaged over the holiday season. What a great way to celebrate the season and a new chapter in life. If you are one of these couples and are thinking a destination wedding is in your future, we can help. We know that planning a wedding can be a daunting task all on its own, but a destination wedding can have a few extra elements of complication. To help make your big day a dream come true, we’ve got 5 tips for planning your destination wedding.

1. Know Where You Are Going

Keep in mind that determining the location for your destination wedding is probably one of the most important decisions for you wedding. Make sure you do your homework ahead of time to really understand the place you plan to exchange your vows. Think about climate, culture, transportation and other logistics, lodging, amenities and services in the area. If you forget something, will you be able to run by a store to pick it up? What are the transportation options for you and your guests? What do you need to pack and bring with you vs. what items can you pick up after arriving? There is much to consider when choosing where you will be celebrating your wedding day.

2. Book Early

Choosing your location and booking your selected venue early will give you much more than peace of mind. Booking early will give you more opportunity for choices and variety. Have more options for dates, caterers, florists, wedding cake designers, musicians, photographers, etc. You get the point; the earlier you plan and book in the process, the less likely you are to be cornered with fewer choices your special day. Having the right experts on your team will make all the difference in the world. Get everything you need for your big day lined up early so you aren’t left scrambling to find a few missing pieces of the puzzle as you near your big day.

3. Know What’s Included

When you decide on your venue, it is vital that you understand exactly what is included. Ask a lot of questions. Are you getting more than the use of the facility or are there other services included with your rental? When can you access the facility to begin set up? What is the parking situation for your guests? Where will the bride and other members of the wedding party dress for the event? At Ridgewood Event Center, your rental fee includes high quality tables, wood chairs, linens, glassware, silverware and china, and a professional staff for consultation, set up, and cleanup of your event.  We can also provide a beautiful event tent and other items for an additional charge. It’s all designed to save you cost and hassle, so you can really enjoy everything about your wedding.

4. Arrive Early

It is best for the happy couple to arrive a few days before the big event. This allows them to get acclimated to their surroundings and pull together any last minute pieces. These couple of days can be used to handle any problems that arise before your guests begin arriving. When the guests arrive, you can enjoy your time with them and not be forced to put out the fires.

5. Help Your Guests Plan

Let your guests know about area attractions or activities planned for your event so they can plan ahead of time. If traveling for your big day, many guests may want to make a vacation out of their trip. Let them know ahead of time what vacation opportunities your guests may have outside of your wedding. Giving them a heads up on what to expect will be appreciated.