3 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Planner

3 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Planner

There are so many things to consider when you are planning your destination wedding and having the right tools available to you is critical for pulling off the wedding of your dreams. Aside from determining the location to host your beautiful destination celebration, engaging the right wedding planner is of utmost importance and can really make all of the difference in the world for your special day. Here are three questions to ask your wedding planner when you are on the hunt for the right person to make the most out of your big day:

To help you know if your potential planner is on the same page as you, ask: 

What is the average budget couples you have worked with have spent on their weddings? What is the average size wedding you have planned? 

Getting the details from a planner on the average cost and size can really help you determine if this wedding planner will be a good fit for you. It may be an additional or unnecessary challenge for you to take on a wedding planner who has only planned weddings for 50 people when you are expecting 250 guests. The same goes for the cost. Your potential wedding planner may not have the right resources to plan a lower budget wedding if he or she has only planned top-dollar events. 

Have you planned any weddings at my destination and/or venue before? If so, can I see photos of these past events? 

A major plus if the wedding planner is familiar with the venue. That can go a long way in making sure things go smoothly. While not a must, the planner who knows the venue can be more efficient and has likely already worked out any unexpected nuances the venue may have. For the happy couple, being able to visualize the setup is extremely valuable. It also gives you the opportunity to change things from the get go that you see that you do not like. A little effort could be spared in this scenario by all involved.

What other vendors do you frequently work with? Which ones do you think will be a best fit for my wedding and why?

It is wonderful if your wedding planner already has great vendors at their fingertips. But just because your wedding planner has a working relationship with someone and thinks they do good work, doesn’t mean that you will agree. Be sure that you are on board with any vendors that your wedding planner will use for your wedding. You don’t have to utilize someone’s service just because your wedding planner likes to. On the flip side, your planner probably strives to surrounds him or herself with vendors that will help make the event a success. A good vendor will ultimately make the wedding planner look good.