5 DIY Wedding Favors for your Rustic Wedding

5 DIY Wedding Favors for your Rustic Wedding

Planning your wedding involves so many details. Big or small, these details can become really important in making your wedding stand out from the rest. Colors, decor and other personal touches are a nice way to express your style. But homemade wedding favors can be the perfect way to add your personal touch to your special day while making your guests feel appreciated. Check out these 5 DIY wedding favor for your rustic wedding that are sure to delight and impress your guests.


  1. Thank you Honey

Seems like love and honey go hand in hand. Thank your guests for sharing your special day with you with a handmade jar of honey. Choose honey that is produced locally. This makes your venue selection a little more special by sharing some of the great local businesses with your guests. We think pairing Honeyville Colorado Honey with our venue is an excellent way to show appreciation to your guests. Personalize them with a special message on printed tags and attach with a piece of twine. Add a rustic look by draping a small piece of burlap over the lid before attaching the tag. 


  1. Mason Jar Favors

Mason jars are pretty versatile and work especially well for personalized wedding favors. Fill each mason jar with homemade jam, caramel corn, cookies, cocoa mix or sweets. Or get creative when deciding what to fill those jars with. Maybe there is a special recipe that you would love to share with guests or something local that would be the perfect favor. The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory here in Durango. It has a variety of excellent and creative choices for wedding favors. Decorate your jars with lace, burlap and twine. Include a handwritten tag for the ultimate personalized wedding favor.


  1. Succulents Score

Succulents are a great way to get away from the traditional and expected satchel of mints. A small glass jar with a potted succulent makes a great wedding favor. Add personal touches to the jar with a variety of materials. Sprinkle small stones inside the jar before adding the plant. A simple ribbon matching your wedding colors is a great way to dress up the jar.   


  1. Seeds of Love

A very simple yet elegant touch to your wedding favors may be seeds of love. Create packets of white paper slips filled with seeds of your choice. Wildflowers can be versatile and appeal to many guests. Or choose the seed from your favorite flower to put in the envelope. Attach a handmade card with care instructions. Your guests can watch their seeds of love grow long after your wedding day.


  1. Plant a Tree

One of our favorite wedding favors is a sapling tree. Given the beautiful location of our wedding venue, sapling trees seem like the perfect way to express gratitude to our guests. Perfect for the couple that loves nature. Individually potted or simply wrapped ready for potting are both great ways to present your favors. A tree can be quite symbolic on your wedding day as they grow over time, just as your love has. Giving sapling trees as a wedding favor is a unique way to thank your guests while incorporating your nature-loving style.